Established in 2009, TECLAB (China) Limited (TECLAB) is now the leader for providing total solution of advanced NDT&E,materials research  instruments & equipment in China.TECLAB has established branches all over China, includingBeijing, Shanghai, ChangSha, Chengdu. Besides the strong sales and technical support network,TECLAB does process an after-sales service centre and a bonded warehouse to offer respective services in Beijing and Shanghai.


Our Business Scope

Materials preparation and analysis instruments

-Elastic modulus high precision measurement and analysis, XRD, thermal expansion and shrinkage measurement of material

- ultrasonic inspection products and systems, Airscan air coupled ultrasound, EMAT electromagnetic coupling, phased array ultrasonic, nonlinear acoustics, ultrasonic resonance, GE, Olympus products, etc.

- depth of the hardened layer mesurement, residual stress, hardness measurement, quick evaluation of components,noise fault diagnosis.

- Testing and inspection equipment for asphalt, concrete, cement, steel, soil, rock, and aggregate


We are adhering to the "actions speak louder than words, Thinking&Walking principles", adhere to customer first business philosophy. Listen and identify the needs of customers, design and provide comprehensive solutions for customers.


TECLAB pateners: MAGNAFLUX QUASAR SYSTEMS, AOS, BUAA,  Chinese Academy of Sciences,QMI,Olympus-NDT,GE……