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Advanced Ultrasonic Material Characterization System
    Publish time 2017-05-11 20:22    

materials elasticity modulus and sound velocity characterization

Advanced Ultrasonic Material Characterization System
              Advanced Ultrasonic Material Characterization System is designed for  materials elasticity modulus and sound velocity characterization. 
our special software: UMSoft, can be used to control the UMS system and analyze the 
sound velocity and calculate the Young modulus, Poisson's ratio, shear modulus, bulk modulus of elasticity. Attenuation coefficient also can be calculated by UMSoft.

UMS Specification: 

  • Pulser:negative square wave and tone burst 
  • Burst number:1-20 
  • Pulser voltage: 10V to 230 V(option 400V) 
  • Frequencey range: 0.5-30 MHz 
  • Gain: 0 dB to 80 dB 
  • Local Gian: max 80 dB, amplify 2nd echo if it weak 
  • TOF Resolution : 12.5 ns (1ns option) 
  • measurement mode: Pulse echo 
  • A/D: 8 bits 
  • Transducer connector: 2 BNC or 2 SMB 
  • Load impedance: 50 ohms 
  • Ultra-low pre-amplifier
  • Longitudinal wave transducers: 5MHz 
  • Transverse wave transducers: 5MHz 
  • Couplant: High viscosity, 4 oz/tube
  • Cables:BNC-Microdot or SMB-Microdot       

UMS  Kit includes : 

UMS Ultrasonic Material Characterization System   X1 
UMSoft software  x1 
*Longitudinal wave transducers X1
*Transverse wave transducers X1 
Ultrasonic transducer cables X1 
High viscosity Couplant  X1 
Tranducer fixture X1     

* Transducer frequency and quantity can be designed according to the material and customers requirements.

Delivery Time: 2 months