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Acoustic Camera for Noise Reduction Application
Source:Acoustic Source Localization and Analysis | Author:TECLAB | Published time: 2015-08-12 | 2522 Views | Share:

Acoustic camera is an imaging device used to locate sound sources and to characterize them. It consists of a microphone array — that are simultaneously acquired to form a representation of the location of the sound sources.

TECLAB develop an advanced Acoustic camera system with Chinese Academy of Sciences for Acoustic Source Localization and Analysis.

There are many applications of the acoustic camera, with most focusing on noise reduction. The camera is frequently applied to improve the noise emission of vehicles (such as cars, airplanes]) and trains, structures — such as wind turbines.

Acoustic cameras are not only used to measure the exterior emission of products but also to improve the comfort inside cabins of cars,train or airplanes. Spherical acoustic camera are preferred in this type of application because the three-dimensional placement of the microphone allow to localize sound sources in every directions.

Troubleshooting of faults that occur in machines and mechanical parts can be accomplished with an acoustic camera. To find where the problem lies, the sound mapping of a properly functional machine can be compared to one of a dysfunctional machine.

A similar setup of the acoustic camera can be used to study the noise inside passenger carts during train operation. Alternatively, the camera can be set up outside, in an area near the train tracks, to observe the train as it goes by. This can give another perspective of the noise that might be heard inside the train. Additionally, an outside setup can be used to examine the squealing of train wheels caused by a curve in the tracks.

TECLAB use Acoustic camera for Great Wall Motor Engine noise reduction design,we found that 500Hz noise is from engine body,1000Hz noise from belt pulley,2500Hz noise from pipe system.

 Acoustic camera for fan,air-condition and kitchen ventilator noise reduction design.

Acoustic camera for wind turbine generator system noise Localization and Analysis.

Acoustic camera for high speed train noise Localization and Analysis.

Acoustic camera for  high-pressure container noise Localization and Analysis, and we found this container have big risk of safe.